Citibank Credit Card

Citibank has many different types of credit card products that suit different customers and their financial needs. Some of the credit cards issued by Citibank are tailored for business customers, while others are more personalized for students or young professionals. Other cards also feature low interest rates or rewards programs for cardholders. If you are a frequent flier and you like the services offered to American Express cardmembers, then the Citi/AAdvantage American Express Card is a Citibank Credit Card that you definitely would want to look at.

The Citi/Aadvantage American Express Card offers various rewards and perks to cardmembers. This Citibank Credit Card has an annual fee of $50 which is waived for the first 12 months, and the Purchase APR ranges between 13.99% - 21.99% depending on your creditworthiness.


If you already participate in the American Airlines AAdvantage program, then you will be pleased to know that the Citi/AAdvantage American Express Card gives you the chance to earn 25,000 AAdvantage bonus miles within 4 months of opening your Citibank Credit Card account and charging $750 worth of purchases to your card. Now, 25,000 Aadvantage bonus miles is enough for you to redeem a domestic round trip flight; how's that for a reward?

Another perk of the AAdvantage miles is they can be redeemed for award travel not only on American Airlines, but also American Eagle and American Connection. This means the more you use your Citibank Credit Card account and rack up those bonus miles, the more flight choices and destinations you also have to enjoy at your fingertips. There are no blackout dates on award travel also, whether you are flying American Airlines, American Eagle, or American Connection, so you can use your miles to redeem flights even on holidays or other peak travel times.

If you use your Citi/AAdvantage American Express Card to pay for in-flight food and beverages, you will also get 25% off your purchases. Of course, every $1 you charge to your card for purchases gets you 1 AAdvantage mile. Another perk of this Citibank Credit Card is it has no preset spending limit. As a cardholder, you do not need to worry about going over your spending limit as long as you pay the amount over your revolving credit limit each month, and in full.

The many services and advantages afforded to Citibank cardholders are also available to holders of the Citi/AAdvantage American Express Card. This Citibank Credit Card comes with various security solutions and consumer protection features for cardmembers, such as $0 liability on unauthorized or fraudulent charges, as well as Identity Theft Solutions if you experience identity theft. Also, the card includes Retail Purchase Protection against theft, fire or accidental breakage for items bought up to $1,000 and within 90 days from purchase date.

Frequent travelers benefit from this Citibank Credit Card's Travel and Emergency Assistance for domestic and international destinations, automatic travel accident and auto rental insurance if you use your card for the transactions, and even a Personal Concierge Service where a representative can perform various tasks such as book hotel rooms, flights, or restaurant reservations on your behalf, anywhere you are in the world.